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[Yamanashi Kawaguchiko] for people want to ride in the canoe! Canoe guide (30 minutes)

area Yamanashi / Kawaguchi, West Lake, Fujiyoshida, Lake Shoji, Lake Motosu category kayak
Transfer Yes Rain departs Allowed Credit card payment
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(Application plan in 1 person) per adult and children
Regular fee5,400yen
Reduced rate5,130 yen​ ​(tax included)
AJ point 47pt win
Included in price

Equipment Hire (canoe, life jacket, paddle)

Fee details
  • Starting time 8:30、9:00、17:30、18:00、15:30、16:00
  • Participating agefrom 10 years old.
  • Time required Within one hour
  • ScheduleYear-round (※ held time changes of the afternoon by the afternoon of the summer / winter.)
  • Assemble pointCountry Lake Systems 1F reception
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  • Information
  • Detail
  • Access and map

Description​ ​

If you want to look at the views of the surrounding from Kawaguchiko riding a canoe, it is I have no self-confidence of paddling on your own such as those who want to ride in the canoe the target.

Want to ride in the Canadian canoe! Recommended for anyone who wants

Guide will enjoy a canoe with peace of mind because you rowing. Small children and the elderly, you can also experience disabled people of the body.

Best location

You can enjoy the great outdoors of the Lake Kawaguchi in front of Mount Fuji.

Hear the story of Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi!

Guides are happy to talk about the Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi while rowing a canoe.
We will guide you through the lake while listening to the tourist information.

Attractions of the plan


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 person to 10 people
Schedule Year-round (※ held time changes of the afternoon by the afternoon of the summer / winter.)
Assemble time <Morning>
8:30 or 9:00
- Summer (April to September) 17:30 or 18:00
And winter (October to March), 15:00 or 16:00

Please complete acceptance until 10 minutes before the start of
Assemble point Country Lake Systems 1F reception
Reservation deadline Up to 2 days before

Regarding advance preparation

About clothings and must-bring items Clothes and shoes that do not may be wet to facilitate water movement in season
About rental items Canoe shoes rental (540 yen)
Rain wear sales (each place on the top and bottom 150 yen)

Facility information

Changing room toilet shower -
Hot spring - Locker Hairdryer -
Parking Lot Convenience store / supermarket
Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Fujikawaguchiko Oishi 2954 address 1
How to reach by car
From Chuo-Kawaguchiko IC the R139 to Motosu direction.
Turn left along the side road from the signal in front of the second straight over the right to Kawaguchiko Ohashi the east romance intersection.
Along the road the first one of the signal turn left 400m down on the right beyond the tunnel.
How to reach by train
Nearest station: Chuang by bus from Kawaguchiko Station Station Kitahama before getting off, a 1-minute walk in the direction of return.
◆ there pick-up from the "Kawaguchiko Station" (consecutive holidays such as the time of congestion can not be pick-up. Please understand that.)

Price list

PLAN Weekdays Weekend Remarks
/ Person (application plan in one person) adult and children

Basic charge

5,400円 5,130yen 5,400yen 5,130yen 5th grade or more (10 years old ~)
Adult, children (2 persons in the application plan) / person

Basic charge

4,320yen 4,320yen 5th grade or more (10 years old ~)

※Prices including all taxes.

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About payment / cancellation

Payment method Pre-card payment, the ways assigned by operators
About payment method specified by business operator Pre-card payment or, please pay day cash.
About cancellation fee Date of 2 to 5 days 20% of the previous ... experience Rates
Date of the day before ... experience 30% of the fee
Implementation date This day (telephone contact there) 50% of the ... experience fee
Implementation date This day (no contact) 100% of the ... experience fee
Cancellation fee payment after the ※, again within six months, the case had you use in the same program, the same number of people, we will discount the cancellation fee equivalent. Please show what you can prove the payment.
Cancellation by operators. ※ will be conducted even in the rain in principle with each program, but if you typhoons, thunderstorms, etc. our company is determined to be dangerous, and then stop.
※ rainy weather is, if you can contact us by phone on until the program start time, I do not get cancellation fee.
※ with a specific timetable, postponement of within a month, you do not get cancellation fee.
Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law


Other notices ※ will be ¥ 8,640 if you sign up with your two people.

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