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[Yamanashi Yamanakako] also have tempura in option! Up to 7 hours dome ship smelt fishing [rental included adults 5000 yen;

area Yamanashi / Yamanakako, Oshino category Smelt fishing
The day before reservation OK Charter Allowed
Adult per person 4,000 yen(tax included)
AJ point 37pt win
Included in price

Beverage service (tea, coffee, etc.)

Fee details
  • Participating age4-year-old -
  • Time required On the day more than 6 hours
  • ScheduleSeptember to June
  • Meeting placeGakurokumarin (Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Yamanakako-mura Hirano 1915)
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  • Basic information
  • Detailed information
  • Access map

Description of plan

This Speaking of winter! Why do not you experience while watching the Fuji the smelt fishing? Because the dome ship cold also care less tea! You can be fun experience!
Morning if the fish a lot of smelt is recommended!
Smelt more you can enjoy even if it is possible to come from the morning because the catch in the morning is the best!
Of course, the set time is you can select your favorite time from 7 pm according to your convenience in the 13 o'clock so please do not worry. There are drinks services, such as tea and coffee ♪♪
How be started from the time will be the end o'clock till 14 ※. Please note.
※ will be accepted from the Sign up to 4 people.

Under the great scenery!

Pat Fuji because it is a is Yamanaka Fuji Five Lakes! You can also experience the smelt fishing winter tradition under elegant atmosphere!

The smelt was caught by yourself in tempura!

You can also eat and cook it yourself at the shop in front of the deck ☆
Smelt, which was caught on their own is very tasty yo ~
Piping hot! It is soggy!

Because when you hope it is necessary to book, please fill in the remarks column of the reservation!
※ tempura set: per person 500 yen
※ fee even if the smelt did not catch occurs. Please note.
※ Depending on the timing, smelt purchase is also possible.

Also accepts group!

Because the dome ship capacity of 10 people, you can get come in Sasoiawase with friends and colleagues!
Someone catch what fish? Is also fun to try to compete is!

Basic information

Minimum number of people 3 people
Number of people who can book 3 people to 20 people
Schedule September to June
Meeting time Start time and end time you can choose.
Start time 7:00 to 13:00 from between the
Exit time start time to 14:00 from between the
Meeting place Gakurokumarin (Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Yamanakako-mura Hirano 1915)
Reservation deadline The day before be accepted (pm to 5:00)

Regarding advance preparation

About clothing and belongings Please come in warm clothes.
Belongings is okay empty-handed.
About rental item Sao gimmick-Sashisetto 1,000 yen
Add marbling 150 yen
Bloodworm 300 yen
Rates inclusive rental ※ are also available.

Facility information

Changing room toilet shower -
Hot spring - Locker - Hairdryer -
Parking Lot Convenience store / supermarket
Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Yamanakako-mura plains 1915
People who come by car
From Chuo Expressway Otsuki JCT, via the Kawaguchiko IC to east Fuji Five Lakes road Yamanakako IC.
Turn right at the intersection in front plain toward the plain direction. Turn right out to the lake.
People who come by train
After Otsuki Station and get off at Chuo Line from Shinjuku Station, to Fujiyoshida Station Fuji Kyuko line. Yamanaka after alighting from the bus terminal, 5 minutes by taxi.

Price list

PLAN Weekday Weekend Explanations
Adult / person

Basic charge

4,000yen 4,000yen More than a junior high school student here (minimum application persons: adults and children a total of four people ~) ※ recreational fishing ticket (male: 600 yen, women and 70 years of age or older, middle school students: 300 yen) is required separately.
Child / person

Basic charge

3,000yen 3,000yen 4 years old ~ elementary school student is here (minimum number of applications: 3 adult / adults)
Adult (including rental) / person

Basic charge

5,000yen 5,000yen ※こちらはレンタル込みの料金です。 中学生以上はこちら (最少申し込み人数:大人・小人計4名~)※遊魚券(男性:600円、女性・70歳以上・中学生:300円)が別途必要です。
Children (including rental) / person

Basic charge

4,000yen 4,000yen ※こちらはレンタル込みの料金です。 4歳~小学生はこちら(最少申し込み人数:大人・小人計3名~)
Organization / boat

Basic charge

25,000yen 25,000yen Click here for the case of more than 7 people is profitable. (Participation capacity 8 people)
Sao gimmick-Sashisetto / person


1,000yen 1,000yen Add sand, red worms are also available for a fee rental.

※Prices including all taxes.

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About payment / cancellation

Payment method The payment method of business specified
事業者指定のお支払い方法について Cash payment on site
About cancellation fee If there is a cancellation or change of reservation, please immediately contact us by telephone.
For cancellation rates in customer convenience, we have determined as follows.

Up to 5 days before: Free
Up to 4 days before to three days before: 50%
2 days on the day before: 100%


Matters need attention Children under 5 years of age does not offer boarding. Please note.

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