Houseboat Harumiya

Houseboat Hull Miya
areaTokyo/23 wards

Susumu YasudaYasuda Susumu

Is a boatman with experience stacked overcame severe training. But reputation in refreshing smile houseboat industry does not feel the hardship. Of course ride will guide you in the preeminent rudder of judgment.

Kaoruko ManoMano Kaoruko

We want to invite you towards the foreigners. Can not successfully hospitality in English! , Please nominate me such times. Enjoyment of the houseboat, we will introduce the beauty of the night view in English!

Akihiro YasudaYasuda Akihiro

It is frank personality but, seriously itself if once grasp the rudder. There is only referred to as "because accustomed since I was a kid", the rudder of judgment is the reputation to our customers.

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