Izu Oshima diving center Colors (Colors Diving Center)

Izu Oshima diving center Colors

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Resort Izu-Oshima closest from Tokyo.
You can feel the "color (color)" of such Izu Oshima of the four seasons.
Cherish will guide the "color (personality)" of everyone.

Not exhausted attractive to Izu Oshima of the sea

A high Oshima sea of ​​attractive degree of transparency will tell plenty.
We will help you dynamic terrain and creatures enjoy in the rich sea.

Oshima Airport 1.5 km, good access of Motomachi Port 3 km

Close to the facility to be a gateway of Oshima, is about go on foot.
Oshima and the center of Motomachi of accommodation, we will Airport, also transfers the Motomachi Port.
Near SHOP is about 20 minutes until the great are views of the sea Atagoyama.

Recommended for those who want to Nbiri ~ in love sea

Nature and humanity that was ~ Nbiri in Roxas much I think "Eh? Here in Tokyo" will pick you up.
People who want to take underwater photos, people want to relax people and loves the sea,
This is where just such people gather.

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Address / MAP
Of Tokyo, Oshima-cho, Motomachi area Oka 91-1Looking at the GoogleMap
access ■ ship
Takeshiba 1 hour and 45 minutes at Jetfoil than pier (45 minutes from Atami), 5 hours in the large cruise ships (midnight departure)
3 km, 35-minute walk from Okada Port. 7 minutes by car

■ airplane
40 minutes from Haneda Airport (ANA), Chofu 30 minutes from the airport (new center Airlines)
Oshima 1.5 km (0.9 miles) from the airport, a 20-minute walk, a 5-minute drive

Car navigation system Address
Of Tokyo, Oshima-cho, Motomachi area Oka 91-1
business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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