River Adventure Club

River Adventure Club
areaOsaka/Toyonaka Ikeda, Takatsuki

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Rafting If River Adventure Club! Japan's torrent of "Shikoku Yoshino River", trying to experience the easy rapids in Kansai in the "Kyoto Hozu"!
River Adventure club affiliation guide is a Japanese staff that everyone is familiar with the location and flow of rocks rafting course, such as Yoshino and Hozu. Above all to cherish the communication with customers will be happy to help you organize your rafting that can be peace of mind.

Professional guidance of water activities!

Rafting around the Kansai area, canoe, Ribabugi, held a SUP! We have to tell the fun of having a swim in a river to delight even beginners!

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Address / MAP
Hirakata, Osaka Muranotakamidai 10-5
business hours 9:00~20:00(受付)
Regular holiday Season in a week
credit card VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Diners Club
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