BUNGY JAPAN (bungee Japan) dragon bungee

Bungy Japan Ryuji down bungee
areaIbaraki/Kitaibaraki-Okukuji Hitachi

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Features of business

Bungy Japan, in Japan and New Zealand have the experience as bungee jumping provider of 20 years, offers the only bridge bungee jump in Japan!

Thorough safety management

Bungy Japan, we are confident that customer safety is the highest priority matters to be. In safety, it does not compromise any time. Precisely because absolute safety is guaranteed you will be able to try to bungee jump, which is also "a challenge to me"!

Bungy Japan greatest strength can be found in the staff!

Our staff have been accredited are trained in accordance with the safety standards of New Zealand. Together from both safety and fun to experience value of the jumper, we promise to provide the best experience in all aspects! So we have to wait is always two people of New Zealand the jump master for the sake of safety, please do not worry.

Popular attractions!

Across the lake in the shape of a dragon, Honshu one is as a bridge of pedestrian dragon large suspension bridge. Overall length is a whopping 375 meters! It just creates a presence full of scenery, is the most popular tourist spot that attracts tourists of tens of thousands of people each year.

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