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Features of business

Trying to dive in the Shonan sea of ​​only one hour from Tokyo!
"Shonan" is a service and travel company that provides the DIVING services in general at the center of the sea of ​​Shonan.
There are offices in Shichirigahama of Kamakura, there is a tank service shop in Hayama Isshiki coast.

Completely made-to-order request plan!

Basically, rather than the existing courses and tours, consultations from our customers, a plan that was in each own thinking, will continue to provide.
Course implementation location also, is OK anywhere in the sea is not limited to the Shonan!
If you request, we also offer name of one-on-one training and staff, we pursue the dive shop instructor for each and every customer.

Also doing well acquisition and tank rental service license of the travel company

Since there is also a travel company with a diving school there by far self-confidence and tour arrangements and planning!
In Hayama shop has rented a tank in for a buddy diver. Snuggle much to all divers, we aim to such services.

It is all of the staff sign language, leave it be the elderly and support diving

You are allowed to counseling until firmly convinced before participation course, we will guide you after confirming you can and can not do.

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Kanagawa Prefecture Kamakura City Shichigorihama 1-9-29-DLooking at the GoogleMap
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