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Jay sp Kamakura
areaKanagawa/Shonan Kamakura

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Features of business

There is no off-season in Kamakura of the sea! Veteran staff so that even you can enjoy with confidence for beginners is we firmly support.

Belongings only swimsuits and towels. Fly board where you can enjoy all year round

Fly board inexperienced customers also welcome, is a beginner's plan of about 20 minutes. We have all tools necessary. Please come just nimble to contact your preparation, such as a bathing suit and towel. Veteran of the jet ski, will be happy to help you organize your fun and safe fly board. Cold season is also all right to wear a wet suit. We look forward to throughout the year!

Let's play active in the ancient capital of Kamakura! Please together with tourism

Venue of this plan is, of Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture Zaimokuza. Since about one hour by train from Tokyo, is also possible day fly board. Fly board How about in conjunction with the Kamakura tourism. Since the available hot water shower after the experience, you directly enjoy the sightseeing. Admiring the calm seascape of Zaimokuza from the fly-board, let's refresh.

By appointment only

Because you set the received a reservation plan fully private system! Spend everyday with different chillin and the time is also good! Leave the memories while commotion with your friends is also good!

JSP Kamakura Gallery


Address / MAP
Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture Zaimokuza 6-16-43Looking at the GoogleMap
access <Automotive>
JR Kamakura Station → Keikyu bus "kotsubo via Shin Zushi Train Station" Komyoji get off
business hours 9:00 to 19:00
Regular holiday Tuesday
credit card out of service
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