GREEN WAVE Kyoto (Green Wave)

Green Wave Kyoto
areaKyoto/Kameoka, Kyoto Tamba

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Rafting a Green Wave Kyoto in Kyoto Hozu! Enjoy the holiday to play with nature!

Green Wave Kyoto, (because it is the original carpenter everyone called this) master of Hozu rafting history seven years, Standing think "!! you want the fun of Hozu that do not get tired of playing for many years Have also tasted by all means everyone." , Ei'! ! When is a company that was launched in conjunction with the fun in 2005 staff members. The first one is outdoor sports, those who want to start something new, everyone welcome! ! I'm sure a new play and different from the up to now, to enjoy, can be found subtle changes in the natural, will you meet also with the new lot of fellow.
Please come to play by all means once Green Wave!

Also down many times you can experience the different scenery and thrill!

Hozu is do deep very deep. Also down many times scenery and, thrill is different! Even though from Osaka 1 hour, or see the figure of deer to drink the water, or a different smell in the air .... Sure to the stress diminishing Innovation Suu can be felt! Please taste the fun by all means! !

Natural rich Hozu!

It has been specified in the Kyoto Prefectural Hozu natural park, Hozu, known for abundant natural and truck train. Or deer are seen figure to drink water, or different from the smell of the air. Settle for a look! Playing settle for! Why do not you enjoy the nature of Hozu?

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Address / MAP
Kyoto Prefecture Kameoka Shinochoyamamoto 9-1 truck Kameoka Station parking lotLooking at the GoogleMap
access <Automotive>
Meishin Kyoto Longitudinal Expressway car Shino IC from the highway, Please enter the JR Mabori direction.

About 30 minutes from JR Kyoto Station San-in Main Line (Sagano Line), is Dolly Kameoka Station JR Umahori Station and get off at 7 minutes walk.
Immediately to the left out of the Umahori Station, so we come out a sign to the truck Kameoka Station direction, please proceed it to the mark.
business hours 8:00~20:00
Regular holiday Irregular
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