FLOWFISH (flow Fish)

Flow Fish
areaOkinawa/Ishigaki Iriomote Island near
Campaign / announcementWe saw the HIS metropolitan area version "AJ BESTSHOT 2017 OKINAWA" and discounted 2,000 yen from the total! In addition, with a reservation of more than 4 people, 2,000 yen discount, maximum of "4,000 yen" during campaign! It is!

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Features of business

The concept is "slowly leisurely relax"
Not there is a luxurious amenities and a large boat, but "Thank you. I also come," in the hope that said, we always try to personalized service tailored to the guest each and every pace.

Phantom of the island "Hamajima" and to the last of the island Panari! Guidance in a single day to the longing Island!

It is 20 minutes by boat from Ishigakijima, a white sandy beach on a white sand beach floating on the sea of ​​Emerald Blue "Phantom Island Hamajima" and a ship from Ishigakijima by boat, a regular boat does not run, so special from the owner of the island Landed with permission, landed the mermaid legend one of the best power spots "the last remote Panari"
This is a special tour that you can visit on this adorable island!

Nice service of maneuverability that can be because small group of peace of mind!

Because it is a small group of peace of mind, there is absolutely nothing to hurry or be left alone!
We will guide you slowly and carefully according to the pace of the guests, so even your family with a small child will be comfortable ^ ^ We will respond to requests and requests as much as possible!
With the goodness of small size unique to the small number of people, we will guide you to the best points on safety first by looking at the best sea and weather etc on the day of the tour!

We provide a relaxing time there is no other stores.

On the Panali landing course, it is a little special space where you can set parasols on the beach of Panali, set chairs and tables, and can only land a limited shop.
You can spend a relaxing time on the beach where you can hear only the wind and the sound of the waves as if the time has stopped in front of the sea of ​​the emerald blue.

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Address / MAP
Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture Tonoshiro 321-9Looking at the GoogleMap
access 20 minutes by car from Ishigaki Airport
business hours 7:00~20:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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