Tsuusen Co., Ltd. (TUUSEN)

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areaHokkaido/Otaru Kiroro-Shakotan

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Features of business

Ganso! Excitement cruising of Tsuusen is fully stocked cave cruise of Otaru blue.

Impressed Blue experience

Beautiful Otaru to the blue of the cave that is the go to that earlier coastal National Park, there is the mystery of the place blue nature has created the world

Cliff to look up

It can not be seen only from the sea, beautiful Otaru coastal National Park. Rock formations after another of attractions packed! Guide you through the Otaru coastal National Park to every nook and corner

The ship is fully open deck

The ship is completely open deck, wide sky and the sea, 360 ° enjoy the cave of excitement! You can enjoy exhilarating cruising. It is also popular in camera faction has taken freedom of movement.
To many of the entertainers it is also often used in TV shooting We have been on board. Let's leave the best commemorative photo in the family, friends and couples.

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〒 047-0031
3-3-1 in Akawa Color in Otaru City HokkaidoLooking at the GoogleMap
business hours 8:00 to 20:00
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