A Minis Divers (Amenes Divers)

A Minis Divers

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The long ago, the era that is that there was a vision of ancient civilization "Atlantis", excellent ocean navigation, has an excellent shipbuilding technology, it is said that the nation that sailed around the world were present. This ocean race was called Amenes (Aminisu).
We based in Hachijo, but introduces the great sea in Japan and around the world without being bound by it, I think Yukitai enjoy along with everyone, we decided to put this name.

Also fun worry anxiety

Hana Favorite 20 years large veteran gently and carefully taught the knowledge of the sea.
Anxiety to the sea, even such as fear of the water will turn to together if the pleasure and the large veteran ♪

Trying to enjoy a lot of fish

Aminisu is because they dive for as long as even without the customer of the body, waiting to offer always fresh seasonal story.
Obtained from frequent research dive, fan dive to expand by making full use of the wealth of biological information, especially popular in macro faction, such as shrimp, crab, sea slug Mania! ! The camera also taken carefully so carefully dive as long as the subsequent chillin Air?!

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Tokyo Hachijojimahachijo-cho, Mine 4860-5Looking at the GoogleMap
access A 10-minute walk from Hachijojima Airport
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