Dolphin Club Miyakejima (Dolphin Club Miyakejima)

Dolphin Club Miyake Jimma

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Miyakejima the global marine ecologist, the late Jack · T · Moyer teacher loved ...
Impressed on Miyake Island that can witness the natural regeneration after the eruption is full!

It supports us in small groups

To basic the small number of people system, you have to cherish the encounter with people through a natural, sea and dolphins.
From the first person of participation in one person, until the people of the repeater that who Ai per our more than 25 years (participation in parent and child three generations), strives to enjoy also the land of the sights and the island's culture as well as the sea.

Improvement of the dolphin swim

Over from more than 20 years in 1991, analysis and reservoir take a picture of a dolphin.
It has been used to improve the dolphin swim.
Dolphin (the world probably both quality and quantity are as an individual company) video taken during the swim has been adopted in a variety of fields from commercial to academic.
☆ figure also shooting you swim. (Sale possible)
☆ Dolphin live commentary as much as possible the dolphin of ecology while watching the video that reservoir take video and taken a swim Support Pack!

DOLPHIN CLUB of trust and results, which celebrated its 29 years.

Miyakejima hit Kuroshio is rich sea coral community and temperate, tropical organisms are seen.
Beginner senior resort, English speaker, blank diver · C card course welcome!
Diving course CMAS STARS PADI courses held in the world-class

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Address / MAP
Miyake, Tokyo Miyakejima village Tsubota 5066-2Looking at the GoogleMap
access Tokaikisen
Tokyo Takeshiba pier - Miyakejima
About 6 hours

New central air
Chofu - Miyakejima clothes
About 1 hour

It might be canceled depending on the weather.
business hours 11:00~19:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card VISA Master
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