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Sea of ​​Niijima is the sea with the exciting and mysterious charm. 160Km from Tokyo to the south. Mild Niijima throughout the year has been left natural beauty. Kuroshio Current flows in the vicinity of Niijima, in addition seen many migratory fish, seen many large migratory fish, such as sea turtles and hammerhead shark. In addition, since the southern bottlenose dolphins are migratory in Udone-shima, you can swim with the dolphins at Dolphin swim. Rhyolite is the whole island of sand and ground white beautiful feature for many. The architecture and ornamental (glass art) are many new island that uses a Korga stone anti-fire stone only be produced in Mukaiyama Ribari Island and Niijima of Italy (Korga stone) can take are scattered.

Beautiful natural diving in

Even for beginners, it offers a Mogureru experience diving without a license!
Join us with "swimsuit" and "towel" and "motivation" OK

Acquired International License (Scuba Diver Course)

A scuba diver course that can be acquired in 2 days.
Course held after using digital teaching materials to finish advance learning.
The card will be updated digitally on your PC or smartphone.

After a long time in the sea of ​​the world

While it has a C card, or does not regain sensation while also carefully review by those who do not dive anymore ... like that?

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