Cycling Frontier Hokkaido (CYCLING FRONTIER)

Cycling Frontier Hokkaido

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Why do not you run through in a road bike / MTB Hokkaido of the earth? Around the Sapporo suburbs, it will guide you through the Hokkaido of the earth in the road bike / MTB! From the direction of the first experience to the people of the expert, you are ready to offer satisfaction program.

Best cycling paradise world, Welcome to Hokkaido!

A single road that extends until the end of the horizon, attention colorful hill like a patchwork, the mountains visible in the distance the snow remains, animals of the ranch, even slowly flowing bliss of time to where ... was born and raised in Hokkaido, Horekomi in Hokkaido, based in Hokkaido in along with the active road racer, which celebrated its season of 17 years, Hokkaido the "slowly" Let's pleasure.

Precisely because the bicycle out of speed, the professional instructors

Precisely because active racer who also knows the pleasure also Abuna of the bicycle, for safe fun trip, loading the necessary training, take the necessary qualifications, the necessary preparations, offer a time all possible measures to maintenance have been bicycle tour doing. Precisely because Ride also maintenance also a professional, you the best of the tour can be held.

Not taste an ordinary journey, the essence of Hokkaido trip

Only to such a trip a car, you can not feel in the five senses Hokkaido. Standing in Hokkaido of land on their feet, running on their own power, turn off the wind, feel the smell of the flowers, hear the voice of animals and birds. That has not been felt until now of Hokkaido charm, there.

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Address / MAP
Hokkaido Sapporo city north district Ainosato Article 2 8-chome, 2-2Looking at the GoogleMap
access Hosui-Susukino Subway Station, get off a 3-minute walk ※ There is free shuttle from Sapporo city
business hours 9:00~17:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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