Aqua Mate Diving Club (AQUA MATE DIVING CLUB)

Aqua Mate diving club

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Features of business

Aqua Mate diving club was opened in Tokyo Kōzushima in 1989, it is a long-established shop of 25 years over. We are doing a dive shop all of Kozushima such as the sea, nature, people and corporate culture in such a thought that will Itadako to know as many people through scuba diving.

Veteran will do all possible measures of support.

Instructor at the time of the dive, such as the captain of a ship to take you to everyone until the point in Botodaibu, we have super-veteran is complete. Everyone will help you over to enjoy diving with confidence.

Who knows the home-court advantage, fun staff.

Aqua Mate Diving Club is a cheerful personality full of staff aligned to the center of the local staff grew up Kozushima. Such staff We look forward to welcoming everyone.

Anyone can enjoy the environment!

On the Kozu is located approximately in the center of Izu Shichito rich natural, cove of the Bay will enjoy from the direction of the first time diving there is a feature that no flow to advanced.

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Address / MAP
Tokyo Kōzushima address 1646Looking at the GoogleMap
access - From Kozushima foreshore Port
business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday 7 days a week
credit card Master Card, VISA, UC, JCB, American Express, UFJ Czrd, NICOS, SAISON CARD

Payment by credit card ※
If you use the price of one person is a payment by credit card more than the total amount of money 30000 yen, including consumption tax, I would like to request a 5% of the available price in cash as card fees. Humbly, please understand for your understanding.
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