Outdoor Club Nuts

Outdoor Club nuts
areaOsaka/Toyonaka Ikeda, Takatsuki

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Features of business

Outdoor Club nuts is the club to enjoy the outdoor-based activities of Kansai center which is based in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo.
Snowboarding and rafting tries in piled everyone in the private microbus! !
One okay participation. You can be friends if naturally outdoors.

Everyone tries in piled on a dedicated bus!

Mountains and the river, it moves becomes many outdoor events to the winter slopes. In the outdoor club nuts, we use a dedicated microbus.
Tour event, will start from the inside of the bus. Because there is also the first one First self-introduction with everyone. During the movement of the return as it becomes one of the little fun of members and his friends, equipped with 37-inch plasma TV. Check the interesting video and slip of the board of their own, which was video taken during the event! !

Rafting & River Adventures

From April to October we are mainly swim in a river event. Rafting Kayak Ducky-Ribabugi, canyoning shower climbing, such as a variety of the river can be enjoyed. In the outdoor club nuts, spend an additional fun moments by combining a barbecue and camping of the plan along with a new companion.

Ski and snowboard

Winter has every time performed Ski and Snowboard Tour. Outdoor Club nuts snowboard tour, experienced staff have performed snowboard lessons for free every time. Please join us in peace because we are all firmly lecture from how to use the tool you were the first time.

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Address / MAP
Ibaraki, Osaka Ushitora 2-7-9Looking at the GoogleMap
access Hankyu Kyoto Line Minami-Ibaraki Station and get off walk about 12 minutes
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