Miyakojima Marin stage TEAM TRIP

Miya Kojima Marin stage team trip

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Led by Miyakojima Marin stage TEAM TRIP is the owner, who knows a sea of ​​foreshore Miyakojima, entertaining and fun and sometimes reliable staff who will liven up the sea play of everyone! Since it to meet as much as possible to the request, please feel free to contact us!

A lot of Marin menu can enjoy!

Miyakojima Yonaha foreshore. Its beauty has been said to be the East one. Marine leisure on the sea transparent will be the unforgettable life. In TEAM TRIP await you to prepare a lot of Marin menu!

Want to tell a further appeal of the foreshore beach! !

"Looking forward to the beach in the foreshore beach, snorkel ... to Yoshino and Shinshiro coast," but is often customers of tourism that, No, no, if a little moves away from the shore at the foreshore, I can see the beautiful coral reefs and a lot of tropical fish! In TEAM TRIP will take you at jet ski up to that point. Sometimes to encounter sea turtles ☆

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Address / MAP
Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture underlying character Yonaha 1199Looking at the GoogleMap
access Miyakojima Yonaha foreshore beach
business hours 8:30-18:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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