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Campaign / announcementAccommodation available discount implementation in Hayakawa town! Honryudo outdoor tour your participation in the day before, or have been available accommodation of Hayakawa town on the day customers will be discounted the tour price. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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New ☆ play spot in Yamanashi! ! One of Japan's three major rapids, or does not rafting at Fuji Kawakami basin! ? Fuji Kawakami basin has a wide width of the river, is it a feature that bathing can point there are many. It is recommended because it challenge with confidence towards the rafting first experience! Family, of course, those of couples and women, you can enjoy anyone with confidence! Honryudo base has been renovated diligently the old house of about Built approximately 70 years. Yes hearth, there veranda. And lie down on the large tatami, the feeling is good yo ~. Such as, "I came to play in Ojichanchi of summer vacation", you may feel a nostalgic exciting atmosphere? There is the location of the Fuji Five Lakes about 1 hour, is perfect for exhausted play Yamanashi ♪

Get the tour photo CD!

Tour guide staff will carry a waterproof camera, support staff from the land will aim a nice shot!
When the off guard, also one of the unexpected miracle can take ...! ?
Gift captured photos and burn it to a CD after the tour for each group! Please, firmly brought back memories ♪

Hot spring spot is a large number in the surrounding base!

There are a few hot springs in the place of about 15 minutes by car from Honryudo base.
In fact, of Hayakawa-cho Onsen'm famous as a secret hot spring! Narada hot springs and Nishiyama hot springs, etc. Amehata hot spring ...
After big time playing is also recommended to be healed by soaking in the hot springs!

Tour in the various play lots!

During the rafting tour, we have adopted a wide range of play not only only to rafting!
There tubing section, there is a body raft section, very popular! !

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Yamanashi Prefecture minamikoma district Hayakawa-cho Senzuwa 697Looking at the GoogleMap
access About 1 hour and 15 minutes from the Chuo Expressway Kofu Minami IC, about one hour from Shintona Arashimizu IC, about 35 minutes from the central crossing road Masuho IC.
business hours 9:00~20:00
Regular holiday Irregular
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