Feather Factory

Feather Factory
areaKanagawa/Yokosuka Zushi-Hayama Miura

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Features of business

Let's start with Best environment ♪
0 minutes from the sea! 1 nearest school to the sea! !

Feather factory was reopened place closest to the sea in 2007.
So that you spend a pleasant time to everyone how to improve day-to-day, we have to enhance the facility.
New feather is known as a popular windsurfing & SUP School in Zushi coast, the instructor in charge of the lessons in addition to the wealth of experience, instructors representing guidance directly to industry in also active in professional journals.
Rescue boat is also waiting at all times, you can be taught safety and fun.
Feather will be firmly support everyone of Wind & SUP life.

Safe school environment

Because shop there Zushi coast is the wave does not stand in the shallow surrounded by the bay, for the first time in the most suitable environment for those.
Feather Factory is located in the closest place to the sea at the school of a number of sushi, it has become a rarely seen outstanding environment in Shonan.
Rescue boat is also equipped with all the time, please enjoy the windsurfing & SUP with confidence.

Instructor team of trust

Wind surfing and SUP is very difficult vehicle to start with one person.
It only trick is a lot there for the ride, the instructor is very important role.
Firmly support the strongest of the instructor team is everyone that feather is proud.

School fee structure for continued long

Course fee is half a day ¥ 5,400, one day ¥ 8,640. These are included all of the rental fee, other expenses will not be applied at all.

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Address / MAP
Kanagawa Prefecture Zushi Shinjuku 2-9-33Looking at the GoogleMap
access If you are traveling by-train.
JR Yokosuka Line "Zushi Station" or Keikyu "Shin-Zushi Station" getting off a 10-minute walk

If you are traveling by-car.
Yokohama Yokosuka road (Rokukkawa tollgate) → Zushi Inter get off → 逗葉 Shindo → R134 to the direction → Zushi coast → to the nearest parking lot
business hours 9:00 to 19:00
Regular holiday 7 days a week
credit card out of service
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