Tama River rafting winds (Winds)

Tamagawa rafting Winds

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Tama River rafting winds of the tour, you can play in either of the half-day tour each morning and afternoon. There is also a 1DAY tour where you can enjoy two types of tours in one day. About 90 minutes from the city center and the access is good! Ease JR, you can enjoy plenty of day trips ♪

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Experienced staff trained every day is, and safely guide the tour

You can enjoy a day trip ♪

About 90 minutes from the city center! Ease JR, you can enjoy a day trip ♪

1DAY tour

Enjoy two Pick one day out of the rafting, shower climbing, mountain biking, Ducky, offers tour 1DAY ♪

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Address / MAP
Ome, Tokyo Yuki-cho 2-chome 411-1Looking at the GoogleMap
access If you car
KenHisashimichi "Ome IC" a cage with prefectural road No. 45 (the Yoshino Road) to Okutama-Mitake district is 25 minutes.
In the case of the train
JR Ome Line from "Futamatao Station" to the office, walk about 15 minutes.
Staff will pick you up.
business hours From 8 am to 18 pm
Regular holiday During the season is seven days a week
From April to the end of October
credit card VISA MasterCard
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