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Tropical paradise! Iriomote Island. 90 percent of the island is covered by a forest of virgin that does not vary from time immemorial. A treasure trove of wild animals and plants that are not found only here! It's "Iriomote" No. 1 Famous. Trying to enjoy the great outdoors in the forest live in wildcat, which is said to be the last unexplored region! Daring to venture a river of vast mangrove in the canoe? ! Now, leisurely healing cruising experience in the topic of SUP (Sapp) all over the world! Both We promise to be the memories of the best of the trip.

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I want to do all of the people to smile!

Jungle dwells sea and Iriomote spread of coral reef of Iriomote Island, a vast mangrove forest, and a variety of fields such as the waterfall that flows down to the unexplored region, and interesting guide the culture of the island. To present the dream to the children who visited the Iriomote Island I want to smile all the people.

Safety support. Peace of mind tour. And memories guaranteed!

The first one and I will carefully support as able participate in the tour with confidence to the young children of the family. There is no confidence in the strength, please rest assured anyone who wants a little Do not scary but I want to try snorkeling. It will hold a tour at your own pace without panic slowly. Extraordinary experience will be the best memories of the trip in the Iriomote Island. KEN GUIDE In shooting without limiting the photos of during the tour to the number and will be presented!

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