Fujiyama Adventure Club

Fujiyama Adventure Club
areaYamanashi/Kawaguchi, West Lake, Fujiyoshida, Lake Shoji, Lake Motosu

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In the "Fujiyama Adventure Club",
It organizes two kinds of natural attraction tour!

Natural attraction to continue to clear the torrent!

Boarded along with the tour guide in a special rubber boat of the 8-seater, it is a natural attraction to continue to clear the torrent. Everyone in the sense of unity that travels joined forces you can not only enjoy in rafting. Since the special location of the river called the river from the outside you can not see at all, we as one of the most suitable river to play generally return to nature! !

Let Kudaro the river to the wild ride to float!

It is a wild play that go down the river aboard the float of large special rubber. Tour guide will continue to clear the rapids while support for the before and after of our customers. And chillin or in the clear stream of point after fell to the exciting rapids, is more nature attraction that nature can be felt in the vicinity!

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Address / MAP
Yamanashi Prefecture Otsuki Tomihamamachimiyatani 425Looking at the GoogleMap
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- Katsura River is 70 minutes from central Tokyo to FAC rafting will be held
- Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, 80 minutes from the Kawasaki area
- The prefecture tourist area, Isawa Onsen, Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, located in Otsuki of about 30 minutes on the Fuji Five Lakes area.
- The nearest IC is near Mount Fuji next Otsuki IC, it will be on the route to the Isawa hot spring area.
- Otsuki after getting off the IC, there is Katsura wellness Park a No. 20 national road in the Tokyo area in FAC base close to 10 minutes.
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