Chantilly bungalows & Chantilly Bobby's

Chantilly bungalows and Chantilly Bobby's

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It is surrounded by sub-tropical jungle and mountains, dynamic location. Umiasobi in Xiaogang beach if you walk a little. Or looked blankly the starry sky of the original swaying flame of the sky at night, you can enjoy fun barbecue or camping style and star watching and family and friends in a tent. Jungle, sea, and can stay while feeling in the skin of the universe is Shanti bungalow.

A veteran guide of lecture, enjoy peace of mind even for beginners!

Use the first one and even a beginner maneuvering is easy safe open deck type of kayak, paddling and maneuvering methods so that we can lecture carefully easy-to-understand guide, you can join us at ease anyone. Communication and safety of the customer, is a small group tour considering the consideration of the natural environment.

Let Daso rowing to the blue waters of the Ogasawara in the sea kayak!

The main course is Siaogang Beach, John Beach, Ginny Beach, SakaiUra Beach, OgiUra Beach, Kopepebichi, win beach, Futami Bay branch coral group fabric, Hachitsu Segawa, such as the South Island. Best season warm period of April to November seawater.

After the sea kayak is, snorkeling can enjoy the beach!

In landing the beach you can also enjoy snorkeling. If the swim and a lot of fish and coral in the crystal-clear sea, will be a great experience. Guide to Beginners (BSN certified snorkel instructor) you can enjoy in peace because the lecture.



Address / MAP
Tokyo Ogasawara Village Chichijima shaped Kitabukuro SawaLooking at the GoogleMap
access Passenger waiting area 15 minutes by car-bike from (pier), is a 20-minute Son'ei bus.

Timetable of Son'ei bus, please check in Ogasawara village website Son'ei bus.
Car rental, such as rental bikes, please check the Ogasawara Tourism Association website.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
business hours 8:00~21:00
Regular holiday Irregular
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