GREEN DISCOVERY (Green Discovery)

Green Discovery

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Rafting / Canyoning / Welcome to the mountain bike of Green Discovery! Furthermore name hot water Ikaho 20 minutes hot springs in the car. Ikaho get the power in Haruna shrine entered the hot spring! ! Haruna Shrine is now very topic as a power spot. You also this season, why not try a new experience at Green Discovery?

Canyoning tour!

"Canyon ing" and, while playing slipped along with the flow of water of the river, outdoor sports going down the river. In the valley and natural, and down with the rope a waterfall, fun perfect score Dari jumped into the basin, and or down the natural waterslide! Agatsuma River, one of the Kanto region of the water source, a few years later also held canyoning of Agatsumakeikoku to become the bottom of the dam! Canyoning in the breathtaking views of the Kanto Plain!

Rafting tour!

Green Discovery tour time and distance are enriched! Everyone is "crew" rather than a customer! Is everyone soon to enjoy the tour! Machaut playing around become serious! Please enjoy the Green Discovery boast of torrent course! ! ! Furthermore, how is also in hot spring in the uplink? Japan's hot springs Ikaho hot spring! The best is!

Mountain bike!

The longest in the Kanto, offers a wide variety of mountain bike half-day course. Downhill course that starts from the side of the Akagi with one foot Kanto. Advanced beginners, family couples, also in the group recommended. Talking about Christmas, it has also to challenge with a light heart. More than 80% downhill since until the start point is a shuttle car. Usually okay with lack of exercise! Of course, hard course can also be set will answer a wide range of needs.

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Address / MAP
Gunma Prefecture Shibukawa Akagi-cho, Tsukuda 169Looking at the GoogleMap
access <Automotive>
Kan'etsudo Shibukawa Ikaho inter than about 15 minutes
Kan'etsudo Akagi Inter than about 5 minutes

The nearest station (Joetsu Line-shikishima station) than a 10-minute walk
Transfer Yes
business hours <Hours>
8:00 to 18:00
Reservation is required, but with different departs time for each tour.
Regular holiday Season for each tour is different, but during the season will be seven days a week.
credit card out of service
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