Guidelines Outdoor Club

Guidelines Outdoor Club
areaHokkaido/Furano Biei Tomamu

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Features of business

Based on Furano, summer rafting and fishing tours, such as wagashi fishing and snowshoe tours are done in winter.
All tour It is recommended to those who would like to have fun at my own pace because it is a small group system.
Provided with commitment to each one such as rental supplies & tour contents. Guide is only for Japanese, please refrain from foreign customers, please join us with confidence.
We will support you as we strive to say that "♪ enjoyed ♪" to everyone on the customer's point of view, we will support you with all our help in making experiences that remain in memories!

Support help of experience making that unforgettable at full power!

Children are adults also get used to nature and smile! It is outdoor charm ☆
One such tour content and rental supplies one to provide you with a commitment. Stood in customer's point of view, try the tour, such as who can say that "it was fun ♪" to everyone, we will support the help of experience making that unforgettable at full power!

Experienced professional guides guidance!

Since the experienced professional guides will guide you, Even if you're also our elderly in even children beginners, Anyone can join ☆
Guide has become only the Japanese people, to foreign customers who do not know the Japanese, please join us in peace because I am basic withhold.

All tour small number of people system!

Because the small number of people system is recommended for people who want to enjoy relaxing in your own pace.

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Address / MAP
Furano, Hokkaido Ogimachi 13-6Looking at the GoogleMap
access リバーベース(ラフティング集合場所住所:空知郡南富良野町落合) 
Furano about 60 minutes by car from the city
• In the New Chitose Airport from car about 120 minutes
business hours 8:00‐20:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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