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Sapporo smelt fishing experience tour. Recommended for Sapporo Stay tourism! Transfer about 30 minutes until the Baratogawa of old Ishikari River oxbow lake of fishing. OK even empty-handed! Smelt not only, fishing is the first of worry people. Program name of "Giro - san" is a naming which was connected with the Giro21 to guide jointly (Giro) a SAN (san).

~ Winter tradition! ! Ishikari Baratogawa ~ Giro - I smelt fishing experience tour of

札幌中心部から快適なミニバンで釣り場の旧石狩川三日月湖の茨戸川まで送迎およそ30分。手ぶらでもOK! (長靴、防寒ズボンご用意してます。綺麗なお手洗いと休憩場もあります。) ご案内するのは、北海道育ちアウトドア経験豊富なガイドが 親切、丁寧に釣り方のコツとポイントをお伝えしサポートします。 ワカサギのみならず、釣りが初めての方も安心です。


Recommended Hokkaido tourism day of the to those who enjoy being divided into morning and afternoon. Doubles the appetite after lightly exercise.
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Nopporo Forest Park (Sapporo), Takeyama plateau (Kitahiroshima), Jozankei (Sapporo)


Hokkaido food and recommend hot spring toward, which is also sticking to non-cycling to put the flavor and the like. Ramen, curry, Genghis Khan, farm restaurants, hidden spring, hot springs, and then meet to of course request to the destination.
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Want to run the other one after another horizon, it responds to requests such as you want to run the coastline.

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