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Sile Toco Nature office
areaHokkaido/Abashiri, Kitami, Shiretoko

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We Shiretoko Nature Office, through the Nature commentary activity (eco-tours), broadly the concept of nature conservation, to convey to many people, to promote eco-tourism, coordination of education and training activities, including the Shiretoko World Heritage experience learning , such as research tourism and natural about in Shiretoko, for convey the nature of the world heritage in a lot of everyone to visit the Shiretoko, and the nature of Shiretoko to Ikeru to leave in the future, we are working in a variety of business.

Enjoy the Shiretoko that has been registered in the 2005 World Natural Heritage Site!

Summer deep primeval forest, winter has a natural look forward to each ice floe and each season, it is a place that is home to many wild animals. That's why, Shiretoko tourism is recommended to walk slowly along with the nature guide and that you are familiar with the nature of Shiretoko.

It will help so that your trip will be better to Shiretoko!

Shiretoko season of attractions as a tourist information of the to those who visit for the first time Shiretoko, what kind of clothing is necessary in accordance with the season, such as a map of each walk places like waterfalls, Shiretoko Five Lakes, Rausuko of Furepe (promenade), the basic information necessary to Shiretoko sightseeing me to HP. Customers who visited tourist participated willingly, there is also rain wear and ski wear rental As you can work comfortably in the outdoors.

I want to tell deeper Shiretoko!

For those who visit the Shiretoko, to tell the nature, you need to know that it is our own deeper Shiretoko. Thing about it and the nature of things, we examined Shiretoko from a variety of perspectives. By taking advantage that it has obtained from these surveys to guide, you can tell an easy-to-understand thing of Shiretoko to customers.

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