Paragliding Tokachi

Paragliding Tokachi
areaHokkaido/Obihiro Tokachi

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"The excitement and memorable in Tokachi, Hokkaido"
Hokkaido will guide you through the activities that plus a strong impact on travel. If you are seeking a high level of excitement that can not be experienced in a group tour! Flat earth in Tokachi, stable wind, and there is a paragliding Tokachi. We promise the excitement and memorable.

Excitement of paragliding experience!

Paraglider starts from nature observation. To say that the nature observation, does not observe the flora and fauna. The movement of clouds and, sea surface ripples. Smell and damp wind. Flight status of the bird. The information that can not be written here begins to get out of nature. This is the most fun time when you are flying, but the real attraction of the paraglider is there.

The North Pacific Ocean to enjoy in the eyes of the bird!

Tokachibuto paragliding base, which is located along the old road of national highway 336 highway is the main area. Old road that follows the hill ridge line of the under eyes of the Pacific Ocean in the north is a place to expand the nostalgic landscape of leading Hokkaido, the views of the North Pacific Ocean can be enjoyed in the eyes of birds.

Excitement guide people of guide history 27 years!

The meaningful life essential exciting vacation. We continue to stick to the "outdoor activities in the Tokachi" in order to prove it. Opened as a free-lance taking advantage of the guide history of 27 years, of course the thing about paragliding, snowmobile tours in the seasonal, canoe tour, also, such as mountain bike tour.

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Address / MAP
Hokkaido Kato-gun Otofuke-cho Shimoshihoro 57Looking at the GoogleMap
access · 80 minutes from JR Obihiro Station
· 100 minutes from JR Kushiro Station
• From JR Sapporo Station about 4 hours
- Eastern 60 minutes from the motorway interchange Ikeda
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