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Limited company based in the Kansai region is a natural school planning, a wide variety to satisfy your sense of adventure from 1999, it has been conducting the adventure tour. Professional (specialized) guide will guide you to the great outdoors of the world. Such as those of children and people with disabilities, how can you do? Please contact us also uneasy with. We believe that would like you to experience in person the more the world of the outdoors.

Pioneer of canyoning & shower climbing in the Kansai

Since 1999, during the season it is now leads as a tour professional company to be held every day.

The few caving (cave expedition) tour companies!

We perform the Caving tour in Shiga, Nara and Okayama of three locations.

Continuing to explore new courses!

Since its inception in 1999, he has been exploring the fields of the nature in the Kansai and Kinki areas, and continues to explore new courses.

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Remarks We have been conducting canyoning, shower climbing, rafting, caving (cave expedition) and climbing tours based on the Kansai from Kyoto, Shiga, Nara and Wakayama since 1999 in the Natural School program.

We are doing lectures on adventure tour & survival skills (fire-raising, rope work, rescue, reading, outdoor cooking etc.) that satisfy your adventurous spirit.

Professional (specialized) guide will guide you to the great outdoors of the world.