MPG Sorachi

R4i Gee Sorachi
areaHokkaido/Furano Biei Tomamu

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Features of business

Trying to easily leisurely walk in the firmament of the motor paraglider of Hokkaido of navel "Furano"! Motor paraglider that soar into the sky. Experience is also a tandem flight of peace of mind without. Leave it to the wind, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Furano!

The only year in Hokkaido!

Only in Hokkaido, it is a motor paraglider school that year. It has been active around the Furano area. Motor paragliding in tandem (two-seater) tries to flight experience!

Vast enjoy nature of Hokkaido!

Let's enjoy the aerial stroll while overlooking the vast land of Hokkaido scenery changes depending on the season!

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Address / MAP
Furano, Hokkaido character Nishigakuden District 2 140-1Looking at the GoogleMap
access <Train>
A 13-minute walk from JR Gakuden Station to the north Furano
Guidance by telephone from JR Gakuden Station
90 minutes from the Hokkaidō Expressway Shenzhen IC
Eastern 75 minutes from the motorway Shimukappu IC
business hours <Summer>
8:00 to 16:00
9:00 to 16:00
Please contact us for more details of the business hours ※.
Regular holiday Irregular (day off during the rainy weather during the high winds)
credit card out of service
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