West Tokyo Paragliding School

Western Tokyo Paragliding School

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West Tokyo Paragliding School, is a paragliding school, which opened in the vicinity of the center high-speed downlink Dangozaka that enjoyment to many people more Sky Sports more familiar with the concept. Paragliding calendar 20 years, veteran instructor of instructors calendar 10 years you will be a wide range of help from the little tips that beginners can enjoy up to professional guidance for license acquisition. In addition, in the school, the subject also of course those of school students towards the area member, we are planning domestic and international flight tour at a pace of a few times a year. It will be supported by our best so that it can be fun and flight safety. Anyway, the beginning of taken a step! We'll be waiting for you.

Veteran staff peace of mind

West Tokyo paragliding school staff, served as a veteran instructor is representative of the paragliding calendar 20 years, more than career 15 years other staff, we support your air travel in the know-how that has been created from more than seven years and rich experience you. Even with your one the woman you will be able to flight with confidence.

The immediate vicinity of the traffic access from Tokyo!

West Tokyo paragliding school of shops, flight area is located in the vicinity of good center high-speed Dangozaka of access. Train if from Shinjuku about an hour and a half, at about 1 hours of your car, you can to experience the best views in a stable flight environment.

Area environment that combines a great flight conditions to the superb view point

Flight area is altitude difference 200m, take off the SeraFukashiyama (altitude 553m) summit with a view of Mount Fuji, landing is located in the plateau of 3,000 m2 in the take-off of the south 650m.
In winter, the Southern Alps and Okutama of landscape can be enjoyed at a gain of 700m (above sea level 1,200m) from TO.
Summer, Kongen'yama (5km), Ogiyama (5km), Momokurayama (8k), mount jinba (9k), Otsuki, Tsuru, you can cross-country to a large Bodhisattva (Enzan) direction.

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Address / MAP
Yamanashi Prefecture Uenohara Kuwakubo 843Looking at the GoogleMap
access <Train>
There is free courtesy car from JR Shiotsu (Shiotsu) station ※ Shiotsu Station
【Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays】
JR Chuo Line, Holiday Rapid Kawaguchiko flights
Shinjuku to 66 minutes
Hachioji to 27 minutes
JR Chuo Line Takao bound ~ Takao Station - Chuo Line Kofu or Kobuchizawa flights
Shinjuku to 78 minutes
Hachioji to 43 minutes

Chuo Expressway Uenohara IC ~ 15 minutes
Regular holiday Wednesday (holiday sales ※ next Thursday the case of a public holiday)
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