areaKyoto/Near Kyoto Station
Campaign / announcementThose who apply from Activity Japan, the data of the captured image of the tour, we will one be service to one group like in the CD (usually ¥ 1080)

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Features of business

Hyogo, Osaka, Kyoto and Keihanshin from OK in JR1 this! In a short period of time of the location of, shower climbing, rock climbing, snowshoeing, please try to experience dictates adventurous a variety of activities such as trekking!
To our off-time
★ Zero Gravity will provide a «stimulus» and «comfort» of sensibility

"Rock climbing" + "trekking" = "Rock Trek"

Ordinary "trekking" 's not enough people absolutely recommended! ! Ridge of rock (Iwaryo) aims to top while being secured with a rope! Activity that MIX "rock climbing" and "trekking", "Rock Trek"! ! If you want to also bite a little "rock climbing", it recommended a thrilling "trekking" for those of you wish! Japan Alps (Hotaka, Tsurugidake, etc.) of the rock ridge walk training of good! ! is.

Rental equipment of enhancement, can participate in a nearly empty-handed!

Special equipment of "rock climbing" (helmet, harness, climbing shoes, etc.) because it is included in the price, you feel free to can participate empty-handed. Please come in hot Heart one!

Kyoto Kitayama, Kyoto round trail, etc., "healing trekking" also held

Surrounding the ancient capital of Kyoto, history has been deeply engraved in the "old road" or "pass", Kamogawa headwaters of mountain stream of babble, "trekking" the healing of the root feeling the cedar of therapy such as Kitayama, not much mountains of the height difference so, it is the best course in the "mountain debut". Suzuka mountain range, Hunan Alps etc. also held

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Address / MAP
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto Shimogamomiyazaki-cho, 154 1-A
access ★ tour meeting place is
① "JR Kyoto Station" Hachijyoguchi (Shinkansenguchi) McDonald's before parking
② Kyoto subway "International Conference Hall Station" ① exit before (subway connection at JR Kyoto Station: about 20 minutes)
business hours ・事務所営業時間:AM8:30~PM18:00
Telephone correspondence: time zone other than the above within the range of common sense is also possible.
Regular holiday A day, seven days a week (not regular holiday have)
credit card VISA, Master, Saison
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Remarks Note (the tour price is we thank you in advance to transfer within one week after signing up for)
* (Use of credit cards is possible only in the case of the day of payment in the above situation: I need your help by a basic cash)