Ouu Pour Owl Cafe Ikebukuro

Owl Park Owl Cafe Ikebukuro
areaTokyo/23 wards

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Features of business

"Ouarupau Owl Cafe Ikebukuro" is an experienced owl cafe centered around the owl located 3 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro station west entrance in Tokyo. There are lots of owls & hedgehogs that fly around freely in the shop. You can experience various experiences such as experiencing contact with owls · experiencing fowls · experiencing flight flying in hand. For details, please check with the Aparu homepage etc.

Hearing friends with owls & hedgehogs

A popular owl cafe in animal cafes. As well as being able to take pictures freely, you can also place owls on your hands and shoulders, flight experiences such as owls flying in your hands. It is a time of healing, surprise, impression, which makes you feel close to the owl that never comes in contact everyday.

It is safe even when visiting for the first time at the owl cafe. Achieve 100% satisfaction

People who feel that "Owl is a bit scary" can relieve because the staff will tell you how to interact. We are aiming for "customer satisfaction 100%" so that we can come back to you again. Heart may be nailed to a slightly strange owl's figure with plenty of charm! In the evening it is possible to enter until 19 o'clock, so return home from the company, feel free with friends and family during shopping Please visit.

Various experiences with owls & hedgehogs

You can experience it that you can not do easily in Tokyo such as owl raising or owl flying in hand (flight experience).

あうるぱーく フクロウカフェ池袋のギャラリー


Address / MAP
〒 171 - 0021
3 - 30 - 11 Nishi - Ikebukuro, Toshima - ku, Tokyo 2 - F
access 3 minutes on foot from "Ikebukuro" station west exit (Tobu department store side)
business hours open 11:00~20:00  
* Final store entry reception 19: 20
Regular holiday Thursday
※ Business holiday from 11:00 in case of holiday
credit card out of service
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