Slow rhythm Hokkaido

Slowly rhythm Hokkaido

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Rich natural blessed north of the earth, Hokkaido. And, city culture and nature coexist, Sapporo. Slow rhythm Hokkaido, the "food" and "natural" on the theme, the Hokkaido of charm, has been holding the natural experience type tour where you can enjoy throughout the year. Along with the guide of experienced interpreter, and family, and friends, please enjoy the never tasted not time only here.

※ sales of white season due to the influence of the mild winter has ended. We look forward to welcoming in the green season.

Let's go to the eco-tour!

Slowly to stay in one of the region, tourism style eco-tour to deeply experience the natural environment and historical culture of the region. While touching nature, to learn the ecology of plants and animals that live there, that foster the feeling that you try to cherish the natural, there is a variety of purposes.
Feel the nature, or walking down the mountain, not the only thing happen to encounter wild animals. Rather, a more familiar and incorporate the things that is in the living, interesting it is.

Interpreter "messenger"

Convey clearly the message emitted by the natural "interpretation that went between nature and man." The gap of people who grew up in grew up people and the countryside to urban areas conversation and thinking (living culture of the region), in a clearly tell "interpretation that went between the people and the people" fun trip, regional and natural the learning and noticed there are eco-tour, you need interpreter that allows interpretation of a variety of situations and environments. To tell easy-to-understand messages from such a natural, fun and safe guide you to nature!

Nature of Sapporo

Spread is virgin forest adjacent to the city, sea, mountains, lakes nearby. There is wide variety of nature to enjoy the environment all year round. Guide along with the experienced interpreter, and family, and friends, this natural charm, please enjoy a rich time that does not taste never in cities.

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Address / MAP
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Chuo-ku, Kita 2 Jo Nishi 2-chome 15STV North Article 2 Building 1FLooking at the GoogleMap
access Subway Nanboku, Tozai Line, Toho line "Odori Station" and get off. About walk from the "31 Exit" 3 minutes
Subway Nanboku-Toho "Sapporo Station" and get off. About walk from the "22 Exit" 3 minutes
About walk from Sapporo Station underground pedestrian space "Exit 5" 3 minutes
business hours 10:00〜19:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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