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Kanagawa Prefecture Marine shop "S - RIDE (esido)" along the Miura coast. The sea on a calm day is like a lake Miura coast. It is a shop of marine sports school and equipment rental that makes such Miura coast play. Besides marine sports, we also have plans for BBQ to enjoy all day. Please enjoy the whole Miura coast while feeling the sun and the sea breeze.

BBQ plan boasting seafood

9:00~17:00まで1日楽しめるBBQは「エスライド」でも大人気のプランです。海鮮が自慢のメニュー。マリンスポーツのプランと合わせるとより一層、三浦海岸を満喫できること間違いなし! マリンスポーツですいたお腹をBBQで満たそう。

You can experience the latest marine sports!

You can experience the latest marine sports "pedalboard". Especially for women, this sports is simple and has a high fitness effect! You can experience smartly and casually. Sea breezes strolling along the cheeks may be addictive.

Miura Peninsula All things are tourist attractions!

The Miura Peninsula with the Miura Coast, Yokosuka, Kamakura, Zushi, Hayama, Miura and all are tourist attractions! There is a lot of sights in Boso Peninsula in Chiba prefecture and anyway there is sight opposite side which can pass even by ferry. Why do not you enjoy the sea slowly on the Miura coast on a sightseeing tour day?



Address / MAP
〒 238 - 102
Kanagawa prefecture Miura-shi Minami-ri urumachi chrysanthemum 7-5Looking at the GoogleMap
access [Arriving by car]
About 30 minutes from Yokohama Yokosuka Road Sawara IC

[Arriving by train]
About 10 minutes on foot from Keihin Kurihama line Miura coastal station
business hours 9:00~17:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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