Hayama diving service

Hayama diving service
areaKanagawa/Yokosuka Zushi-Hayama Miura

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Features of business

"Hayama diving service" is the only diving point in the Shonan · Hayama area, the only one that provides tank lending service. It is close to Hayama's point and holds a wide range of lectures including experience diving, fun diving, license acquisition. Self-diver and pro shop acceptance is also possible.

Hidden diving point

2 minutes walk to Shibasaki coast point of Hayama. It is a land pattern with a dormitory near the diving point. It is a unique point which was dive in buddy diving (self-diving) since ancient times, and you can also wish for a wonderful landscape such as Mt. Fuji or Enoshima.

Familiar with rich ocean without hands

The Shibasaki Coast is a prefecture-designated nature reserve called Natural Reserve, which is also the best snorkel point in the Shonan area. Enjoy the adventure dive that you can not taste other than to open up the ocean with its natural taste without hands with our own power.

The shortest 1 hour distance from Tokyo

Why do not you go on an underwater walk or a sea trip that feels the four seasons at Hibiya where you can pass around the city from just one hour? We will support everyone's enjoyable diving experience. Please feel free to visit us.

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Address / MAP
Kanagawa ken Miura gun Hayama cho color one color 2420-101Looking at the GoogleMap
access People who come by train / bus
【Nearest station】 JR Zushi Station → 【Bus】 Get off the coast "Shibasaki"
Arriving by car ●
Paid parking lot Masase parking lot (next to tank service)
business hours 5: 00 ~ 21: 00
Regular holiday None
credit card out of service
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