Sunny Funny Days (Sunny Funny Days)

Sunny Funny Days
areaKanagawa/Yokosuka Zushi-Hayama Miura

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"Sunny Funny Days (Sunny Funny Days)" is located on Misato Coast, a small coast located between Hayama's Morito Coast and Unicolored Coast. The concept is "Ocean Relaxation Place". I aim for a place where everyone who visits can smile at the place where I can withdraw my daily stress and return to my original self.

A place that is healed by the beautiful ocean

A quiet area with a maid house and luxury villa areas is a place where cultural wind brought up in history flows. The colorful mountains and the coast full of emotion that wants Mt. Fuji is secretly popular as an adult resort area. In the beautiful and transparent ocean, it is a perfect location where you can peek at the rocks that nature has left behind and you want to watch the returning waves forever, as you step over the cove.

Feel free SUP experience. Walk on the sea!

In the sea spreading in front of you, you can enjoy 'SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)' which takes a graceful walk on the sea. Even those who are marine sports for the first time, it is an attractive beach activity that you can easily row by using paddles. After SUP you can spend a relaxing moment while watching the spectacular scenery.

Shops, cafés and decks with BBQ are also available

There is a select shop and a take-out cafe at our facility. The deck that wants the sea can also be rented as a private deck. It is also recommended for couples and families and for BBQ parties etc for rental. BBQ with buddies, a special moment with lovers, families who want to enjoy the seaside comfortably, various ways to use. Please enjoy the luxurious time you can not taste in the city.

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Address / MAP
Kanagawa prefecture Miura gun Hayama cho one color 2378-3Looking at the GoogleMap
access ·car
From Yokohama Yokosuka Road "Zushi IC" 7.6 km via Zuzi Shindai
From "Yokosuka IC" on the prefectural road No. 27 via Yokosuka Hayama line 7.2 km
·Electric train
From JR Yokosuka line "Zushi" station (3rd stop) take the Keikyu bus [Z12] Hayama (Hayama-machi) line ride, get off the "Mikatsushita coast" immediately
From Keihin Kyuko "New Zushi" station (South Exit No. 2 Narita) to Keikyu Bus [Z 12] Hayama Line, [Zu 11] Hayama Town Welfare and Culture Center Hayama Ride, Get off at "Mikogashi Coast" at once
business hours 11: 00 ~ 17: 00 (shop)
Regular holiday Wednesday
※ Wednesday · Thursday from November to March
credit card VISA / MASTER / AMEX / JCB / DINERS
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