Shiretoko cruiser sightseeing vessel Dolphin

Shiretoko cruiser Kankousen Dolphin
areaHokkaido/Abashiri, Kitami, Shiretoko

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Cruiser sightseeing ship sailing from Utoro port of Shiretoko which is the centerpiece of Shiretoko sightseeing ♪

Our own cruiser ship is a small cruiser riding for 51 people, so when you discover a brown bear, you can bring the ship to a place where you can see with the naked eye! We can also see the numerous cliffs and waterfalls nearby, and we will show you the appearance of Shiretoko, the last secret of Japan that can never be tasted by a large ship.

Brown brown salmon. A group of dolphins dancing elegantly in the ocean. A seagull chasing a cruiser. Enjoy the romantic and exciting cruising that is worthy to call the World Natural Heritage including many strange rocks and waterfalls ☆

Cruise on the Shiretoko Peninsula with a comfortable cruiser for fulfilling facilities ☆

With Shiretoko equipped with multiple cruiser sightseeing shipping companies, the only girls' separate sitting room is equipped, and in the sunny weather almost all our guests can watch the scenery of Shiretoko from the outdoor deck without windows. There is a sofa seat relaxingly relaxing on the ship, and you can take a good rest if you get tired! The ship's front which is opened only when the wave is calm is exactly the special seat of this ship ♪

A spectacular boat trip to the cape "Shiretoko Cape" where the only road in Japan is uncommunicated ☆

It is under strict control as a special protected area in the national park, and general tourists can not enter the fact because the road is not open, aiming at the tip of the Shiretoko peninsula "Shiretoko Cape", from its onboard We have a magnificent cruising plan that looks magnificent! Shiretoko can not tell without riding this ♪

Cruising unexplored cruising that is overwhelmed by the spectacular scenery ☆

The inboard guide will guide you in detail about the landscape and nature and announce you immediately when you find a wild animal such as brown bear. Brown bear can be observed with establishing more than 90% in the normal year! It is unique if it is a small cruiser to get close to a small cove and a bay and reach a coastline where hands reach the cliffs ♪

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Address / MAP
Shari-cho Shari-gun, Hokkaido Utoro east 52Looking at the GoogleMap
access [Arriving by public transport]
Get off at "Shari bus / Utoro hot spring bus terminal" from JR Shiretoko Shari station, about 5 minutes on foot

[Arriving by car]
400 meters from Utoro station "Sirietk"
※ Free parking equipped
business hours 夏季7:00〜19:00
Winter season 9: 00-17: 00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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