Oshino Sky Sports Club

Osh Roh Sky Sports Club
areaYamanashi/Yamanakako, Oshino

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Features of business

1 Area 1 School operates a hang glider vocational school. Fly along with the instructors we are experience flying and training flight in a tandem hang glider. In addition, towing hang gliding system to enjoy the feel free to fly alone from children to the elderly is also very popular! There is also a good and a superb view to enjoy a spot of Mount Fuji of access of 2 hours from the city center.

Fuji superb view spot!

Landing field is located on a hill among the village is a vast open space, which is covered in grass. Fuji from here has become a superb view point there is nothing to disturb the landscape. In particular, the winter will be the best of the scenery!

Summer resort!

Located at an altitude of 1,000m, about 6 ℃ ~ 8 ℃ temperature is lower than sea level temperature, you can enjoy a refreshing heat in the forest even in midsummer to absorb the heat.

Anyone can fly!

By towing hang glider with a tandem hang glider and the guide wire of the two-seater, it is possible to fly in the sky with confidence to feel free from children to the elderly.

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Address / MAP
Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun, Oshino-mura infield 2661Looking at the GoogleMap
access About 8 minutes from Lake Yamanaka, Oshino Inter in the Chuo Expressway Fujiyoshida line from Chuo Expressway Otsuki JCT, Tomei 138 Route from Gotemba Inter is from a high-speed, Yamanaka-Oshino about 8 minutes from Inter in the east Fuji Five Lakes road. Transfer at the center line Otsuki Station Fuji Kyuko, Fuji Station and get off, Oshino Hakkai, infield bound bus in the infield bus stop, I will pick-up if you a phone call. Shinjuku Nishiguchi, Yokohama Station, Hotel Mount Fuji entrance at a high speed bus from Tokyo Yaesu Yamanaka bound or infield bus stop, there is pick-up.
business hours 09:00(季節・人数によっては08:00)~日没まで(飛行は日没1時間前まで)
Regular holiday A day, seven days a week (temporarily closed)
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