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Why do not you make one page of the trip of Miyakojima a page of "smile and excitement"? In the photo and memory, I will give you the best memories that will remain forever. We are preparing plans that you can enjoy from small children to grandparents, grandmothers, couples, friends and groups.

Snorkel and marine sports too!

"I wonder if I can do something during the vacant time to the plane" "I want to fully enjoy the sea of ​​Miyakojima because it's so hard" .... We offer a variety of plans from 1.5 hours of travel time to plans that you can play all day. There is also a plan that you can enjoy delicious lunch at the dinner party. You can participate according to your schedule.

Large number of marine activities

Groups and groups welcome such as school trip, student travel, graduation trip, company employee training, circle and club travel! Various tours will be planned according to staying time, number of people, age and experience. Please do not hesitate to ask from "I want to play a bit" to "I want to play all day".

Lunch at the local delicious food restaurant!

My precious Miyakojima! In the plan with lunch, the staff will guide you to the local delicious meal shop, not tasty onigiri and lunch boxes. Enjoy Miyako Soba · Yushi Tofu soba, and special dishes for lunch which can be eaten only in Okinawa! Also, we have a plan for BBQ at the beach at the Marimaga at the port of Maehama.

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Okinawa Prefecture Miyakojima Shimochi Susuka 710-3
business hours 7: 30 ~ 21: 00
Regular holiday None (closed in winter)
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