Mei Dorimi Akihabara Saya Store

Maid Lee Min Akihabara Well Doten
areaTokyo/23 wards

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Features of business

"Mei Dori Tamin" is a No. 1 maid cafe group that has 800,000 visitors a year and 17 stores worldwide. Based on the theme of "Moe" · "Unusual", we provide new experiences to people of a wide age, such as salaried workers, couples, families, etc. with services that place emphasis on entertainment anywhere .

A total of 510 maids

~ Welcome to a country of dreams if you are far -
Mei Dori is in a country of dreams far away. There, 510 maids in all are constantly serving customers according to the strict teachings of Omoto day by day.
"Welcome! Mei Doriemi !!"

Deliver a smile

While the light of a strange candle is lighting, your husband and wife becomes a dwelling in the country of a dream. A smile that your husband's embarrassing smile when you played gruff together. A smile when you are watching a fun meeting. A warm word and "smile full of face" saying "It was fun" when you left. All of it is our pleasure!

Must see the live stage

You can also enjoy the maid's live stage at the request of your master / lady! The entry fee for children (up to elementary school students) is 0 yen. It is my favorite that I am relieved even with children. I want to make the world smile and make the world happy with the contacts of the heart and the heart so that everyone can use it more freely. With that thought in mind, we continue to create a country of dreams seeking an ideal serving today!

Mei Dorimin Akihabara Saya Store Gallery


Address / MAP
Common interest 4 - 4 - 2 outside Kanda Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Foreign Kanda Daiichi Building 4 F
access 3 minutes on foot from JR Akihabara station
2 minutes on foot from "Suehirocho cho" station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line
business hours Monday - Friday 11: 30 - 23: 00
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10: 30 ~ 23: 00
Regular holiday None
credit card out of service
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