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areaKyoto/Near Kyoto Station

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Kyo's hand making experience The region tourist information research company is located in Kikuya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto. We are carrying out traditional crafts and cultural experiences unique to Kyoto. We are preparing plans that can be experienced in the interval between sightseeing as well as from former Rikyu Nijo castle, Kitano Tenman-gu, Honnoji Nan sightseeing spots. Veteran craftsmen will carefully support any plan, so please join us with confidence.

I can experience various traditional crafts

Even in the painting experience on lacquer ware, we have a wealth of plans that you can choose from 15 courses. Black lacquerware is black with a distinctive beauty that is expressed as "jet black". In experience it is easy to handle This lacquer made using synthetic materials with equivalent functionality, there is no worry to get rid of. You can relax and have fun.

Sightseeing spots are also nearby good location!

Nearby there are many temples such as "Honnoji" which everyone knows, "Mibu-ji Temple of Ryusong", and many other sightseeing spots such as "Kyoto International Manga Museum" which is irresistible for comic lovers. Please do not hesitate to drop in before and after sightseeing, while you are moving from sightseeing spots to sightseeing spots.

From 1 person to a group OK!

You can participate up to 60 people from all the plans from one person. For those traveling alone, traveling with loved ones can also be experienced casually on trips with disliked fellows. Most of the work can be taken home on that day. Delivery service is also accepted.

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Address / MAP
Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Sakaicho Street Nakagyo-ku Kikuya-cho rising up Nishiki line 513Looking at the GoogleMap
access About 7 minutes on foot from Tokutamaru Line on Hankyu Kyoto Line (550 m)
About 9 minutes on foot from Kawaramachi Station on Hankyu Kyoto Line (750 m)
business hours 9:00~19:00
Regular holiday Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (Sales if you can contact us)
December 29th - December 31st
credit card VISA, MasterCard, Union Pay
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