Glass workshop nazuna shepherd's purse

Glass Kou Bow shepherd's purse
areaKyoto/Near Kyoto Station

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Features of business

In the shop built in the Kyo style where the town house was refurbished, beautifully cute handmade glass work can be enjoyed easily as it is a craftsmen's mood! Please stop by!

It looks like she was a craftsman!

You can experience glass making with craftsmanship using burners.

Reliable one-to-one correspondence!

Because staff supports one by one carefully, even first time people can experience with confidence.

As a memento of travel, it is perfect as a present for loved ones!

Because it is original only one in the world made of glass, it will be pleased as memories of the trip in Kyoto and gifts for family and friends ♪

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Address / MAP
Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture Shimano Toyonomorimachi 11-1 Fujimori Honten North Building 1FLooking at the GoogleMap
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