Circuit is coming! Yokohama GP

Circuit moth Yatte Kulu Yokohama GP
areaKanagawa/Yokohama and Kawasaki

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Features of business

Racing or do not want to ride once a cart?
Cart can now be operated at the Yokohama World Porters rooftop. But racing know, I think most people have never rode. Racing machine exhaust the amount of 100cc, the tire is bare, the body also has features such as bare, we seek only that run fast. Since there is no easily ride opportunity usually, please by all means experience.

You can experience from 3 years old

Amusement park of the go-kart or more, is a real racing kart following of racing experience. It can be operated from the fifth grade of elementary school by one person, as long as more than three-year-old, a passenger traveling in the side seat of dad and mom operation is also possible.

Also held Junior cart School

Can experience from the first year of elementary school "Junior cart school" is very popular! It will teach the basics of driving, not only can enjoy the sense of speed, unlike such as attraction, Driving Skills also worn.

Convenient access

A 10-minute walk from Yokohama Sakuragi-cho Station, because the Minato Mirai Station and the horse roadway about a 5-minute walk from the train station, is ideal as a drop spot after tourism Yokohama.



Address / MAP
Gu, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture Xingang 2-chome, 2-1 Yokohama World Porters RFLooking at the GoogleMap
access ▼ If you use the Minato Mirai Line
- About 5-minute walk from Minato Mirai Station
- About 5-minute walk from bashamichi station

▼ JR Keihin Tohoku-Negishi, who use the Municipal Subway
· Sakuragicho Station, walk about 10 minutes
- Kannai Station, walk about 15 minutes
business hours Weekdays, Saturday and Sunday Holidays: 13 am - 20 pm
(☆ last entry: 19 hour 40 minutes)
Regular holiday Canceled in case of rain. In other events held date, etc. There is a day that usually does not perform the business.
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