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We are planning a walking tour to explore the city of Kyoto, the ghost stories, horror stories in Maine. There is a new discovery every time you walk, combines a long history and a strange charm of Kyoto. A little mysterious, But straightforward assistance, thorough guide while exchanging a fun commentary.

This road 15 years! Guidance Kyoto born-living guide

Organizers during the series a column to tell the Kyoto charm with web site, born, living in Kyoto tourist guide Taniguchi. Just not a ghost story, from the point of view of mystery on the theme of human hatred love, while introducing the history and beans knowledge of Kyoto, you pull out the further discovery!

In fact, "not stuck" tour!?

Kyoto mystery travelogue is it looks like "stuck", in fact "not stuck" is the tour. From your own point of view that does not care about even to common belief and dogma of history, "made for interesting" a little different from the common sense will introduce the story.
Extraordinary tour that changed the theme and walking spot also has irregularly held.

Group travel, company trip, also supports organizations tourism, such as reunion

Guided tour, but not limited to the range of walking. Proposed moving means in accordance with the desired location in the charter plan. When I was using a chartered bus, it is also possible to guide to guide and ride the bus. Also private tours, such as when to explore with relatives, feel free to contact us.

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