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areaHokkaido/Remote island (Rishiri-Rebun-teuri-yagishiri)

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Welcome, flowers to the floating island Rebun Island
Many years taxi in the knowledge of the tourist Rebun Island, which has been cultivated as a company of hire, we try the service happy with the all everyone to visit. In particular bloom It is the flower of the guide will have the confidence to Rebun, such as trekking and bird watching, offers a course that is in touch with nature of Rebun.

In particular, there is confidence in the commentary of flowers (flower guide)!

Rebun Island to more than 300 kinds is said to bloom, but can not introduce all truly, from the classic season of flowers, endemic species of the island, that where I am seeing many of one kind of the rare flowers among the island such as the quasi-endemic species it will guide the motto. You can enjoy trekking while being healed pretty flowers!

Also, such as bird watching and ruins tour

Of course Rebun of appeal are not the only flowers. So we offer a variety of courses, such as bird watching and ruins tour, First of all, please let us know do not hesitate to hope.

Activities also available, such as fishing and sea kayaking!

Such as just fishing and sea kayaking for those who are unsatisfactory trekking, sea of ​​activities are also available. We will guide you according to your meal and also your budget accommodation, please enjoy to your heart's content the slowly flowing time on the island.

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Hokkaido Rebun-gun Rebun-cho Kafuka village WaushiLooking at the GoogleMap
business hours 8:00 - 21:00
Regular holiday June to September days a week
October to May Irregular
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