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Features of business

"PHOTO STUDIO EIMEI (Photo Studio English name)" is 2004 founding. In EIMEI listed a "person-ness" to the concept, offers a lot of shooting plan. Plan to shoot fully become "Oiran" is very popular from the woman. Boggling photos of customers, and proposes a beautiful cool photo that exceeds the imagination.

Not just "first-class" Nanoha photographer!

"PHOTO STUDIO EIMEI (Photo Studio English name)" In a professional photographer Hiramatsu fame is, make-up artists who met in the world's top artists, dressing nurses standby. And, first-class photographers will shoot the best of the piece in a way that makes his eyes.

Communication is get the best of you!

Or the chat before shooting, you have to cherish the communication or listening to the story, such as that the best of himself. Inflate the image, first-class professionals to challenge the shooting look forward to the possibility. "Principal ish, and beautiful expression that exceeds the imagination" and that taking a single aim highest moment.

Exquisite balance produce the ultimate photo beauty!

"It is a fresh not come even tired" to what exquisite balance, we believe that there is an ultimate photo beauty. Make use of the personality to stand the beauty. Not only impact, will continue to take a picture that can also be felt until the feeling of air with the customers.

Studio Aye Mei Shinjuku Gallery


Address / MAP
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku 3-24-2 second Aokibiru 2FLooking at the GoogleMap
access [Arriving by train]
JR Shinjuku Station East Exit
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line B13 exit

[Arriving by car]
Parking is not. Please use your local coin parking.
business hours 10:00 to 20:00
Sundays and public holidays 10:00 to 19:00
Regular holiday Every Thursday
credit card ※ card available will be less.
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