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Shops of incense in Kyoto city. We hold the craftsmanship experience, such as accessories and traditional crafts. And is a talisman from ancient times Why not make a Power Stone (natural stone) containing the bracelet and traditional smell bag. Perfumes and bags, because the material, such as natural stone is choose what you like, will create an original work of your own. Let's complete the wonderful work that become memories of the Kyoto trip!

Homely atmosphere which everyone can experience with a smile

Couples and married couple, also in a group, you can enjoy a wide variety of people. Your organization from the 30 people are welcome! And can experience together with your parents or guardians from 3-year-old children, is the experience of the classroom to the family reputation. Please feel free to join us anyone.

Goodness of participation easy access to between sightseeing!

Because of pains came to Kyoto, tourism in a limited time also want to nor Manufacturing shopping! "Asuka" is located on the Tambaguchi Station one stop from Kyoto Station, located in Kyoto Aquarium and also near from Nishi Honganji. The time it takes 30 minutes to one hour to experience. A short period of time in the cute work is finished, even the memorial of Kyoto tourism, is also popular in the experiential learning of a school trip.

Handmade experience in the support friendly and polite description

Is said that the power stone to be used to ward off evil and charm dwells a different power to each, there is a scent that features each incense also. In response to the meaning and types of perfume description of stone, you can enjoy for the first time Even if you own way of work creation. Also lost in the choice of combinations and flavors, please be assured that staff will gently support!

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Address / MAP
Shimogyo-ku Kyoto Kyoto Prefecture Ebisubaba-cho, 20
access Meishin about 10 minutes from the highway "Kyoto Minami IC"

※ There is parking space for one car
business hours 9:30~17:30
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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