Precious cart

Precious cart
areaShimane/Matsue, Shimane Peninsula

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Features of business

Rental cart shop in Shimane Prefecture, Matsue. Riding a go-kart, which was engrossed in the amusement park to a child, why not run on public roads? A long period of time from a short period of time, well that can be rented at a low price, be prepared fun experience plan. It also carts for sale.

Matsue castle town and, tourist drive around Lake Shinji

Store location, JR Matsue Station and a national treasure, within 10 minutes of the castle town by car from Matsue Castle. Access is also convenient, you can tour the Matsue castle town, and or drive while watching next to the Lake Shinji, please enjoy also view from the cart as well as operation.

Method of operation, the staff will tell you firmly

Rental cart driving is a person who has an ordinary car driver's license is subject. Even those who do not so much driving usually, method of operation will carefully lecture.

The drive of the last some sensible "adult"

To the left to the right at the amusement park, Omoikkiri story of childhood has had stepped on the accelerator. It is absolutely unthinkable Nante drifting. Please try to be operated safely because the public road of. Even if not issued the excessive speed, you should feel the pleasure of driving.

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Address / MAP
Matsue, Shimane Prefecture Sotonakabara-cho, address 9 3
access ● Kitamatsuesen walk about 5 minutes from the "Matsue Shinji Lake Onsen Station"
● about 10 minutes by car from JR San-in Main Line "Matsue Station"
business hours 10:00~19:00
Regular holiday Rainy day
credit card out of service
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